Al Ahli produces a budget of Egyptian clubs with $ 128 million


Al Ahli produces a budget of Egyptian clubs with $ 128 million

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Al Ahli na-Éipheit is convinced he is willing to be involved in the UAE in the sixteenth round of the Zayed War («Middle East»)

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The Al-Ahli club, Egyptian clubs, will be delivered in the 2018 budget after more than 128 million US dollars, or about 2 billion and 200 million Egyptians.
The Al Ahli Egyptian club budget, which was sent by a German journalist, show that the total was $ 128 million.
The budget showed over $ 22.5 million in the Al-Ahly Turkish club work.
The budget showed more than $ 1.3 million in football activity, and the total income of the $ 32.3 million activity.
At the same time, Patrice Cartieron, manager of his first team of the national team of Egypt, revealed that Saturday's team had a successful experience in front of the Al Shabab team in preparation for the Al Wasl competition.
Carters commented on the official Al Ahly website that the experience allowed him to speak more than one player to prove their preparation. Al Ahly will be hosting Al Wasl in the UAE next Thursday, when the Zayed Cup for the Champions Champions Club raises. Cartieron praised the young players and their ability to appear well in the first team. He said the team is ready to meet the # 39; connect and try to win, which is suitable for the fourth date and to be a # 39; complete the trip in the tour.
On the other hand, Khaled Mahmoud, the first crew's doctor in Ahli, revealed that Mohamed Hani's medical efforts have been made to face Al Wasl after having serious injuries in the ankle during her / game in Esperance in the final of the European League final, which lost Al Ahli 3-0. The Egyptian Football Championship committee has decided to hold the Al Ahli game with the team of six-year-old contractors of the League Cup on the 27th of this month, with Petrojet a & # 39; match Al Ahli in the nineteenth visit to her; first day of December.
This came after his company announced that an Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup match was suspended against King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, between Al Ahli na hÉipheit and Al Ittihad from Saudi Arabia, scheduled for November.


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