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After a long wait, the government looks easier than ever since President Saad Hariri was appointed after the elections of the June Parliament. "Balancing weaknesses" as authoritative resources are proposed, which means that government creation is "very close."

The hopeful level of the meetings and the links between the political forces has risen yesterday, notably Hariri's long meeting with her; Foreign Minister, Gibran Bassil, in the first house in Wadi Abu Jamil.
The results of Paris meetings between the two men, who gave a "final" agreement on the establishment of the government at the earliest time, had accelerated accelerating the spread of the decade, in particular to basil his a government consultation meeting. According to more than one source, the names are still the same, between Hassan Abdul Rahim Murad, Othman Majzoub and Taha Naji, with his / her move; move to Murad. Although "the decision is back to the President of the Public" to select one of the three names.
Yesterday, the note continued to be the "consultative" representative in "strong Lebanon" block meetings. Until the end of the night, the meeting between members continued. Hizbullah's political adviser and adviser, General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah Hussein Khalil, in an attempt to sign up the representative of the meeting and accept the "negotiation" of the voluntary move, What's in Representing their President's share, as long as the Minister of the meeting participated in "Lebanon's strong" meetings, with the responsibility of voting according to their consultation options. The sources that belong to the writing were & # 39; Encouragement by saying: "The least thing is a bit on the" case, "and he asked:" It's not like a representative; to share share with him? This is normal, to respond to his opinion and voice ».
President Nabih Berri joined the consultation line, and advised the FAO Faisal Karami, who visited yesterday, to make government agreement easier and reduce the top of the terms.

Berri wants Karami to make a government agreement easier

As a result of the Consortium of the Production Representative Company, Hariri is working to get another option from the Ministry of Information, which Amal has been working on. refusing to accept. As a result, he gets one of three ministers: the environment (included with Basil), a business (expressed by the advanced Socialist Party) And culture (on held by Libanus Forces). Hariri met the MP MP member Walid Jumblatt, BP Wael Abu Faour, and Khattas Khoury's minister. Diet stores told al-Akhbar that "Hariri did not ask Jumblatt anything ever", said more than one Jumblatt source was in the position of the Ministry of Business, and that he believes that "the third sacrifice for the creation of the government" was to eliminate the third Druze seat.
In parallel, ministerial resources said that Hariri did not ask Lebanon's Liberation Forces to resign President Nabih Berri from the Ministry of Defense; Culture, but the sources prove that the forces are stick to this folder, and its # 39; making the necessary agreements when they gave justice and fifth minister's seat. On its part, Ain al-Tina wells, which is not «President Berri, preventing it from going to & # 39; fixing the luggage, it's not long or far away, waiting for what Hariri will do; doing ", saying that" Berri does not accept the Ministry of Information ", although not yet clear Bassil has allowed his environmental care application.
In terms of Armenian representation, and at the time of the Lebanese Forces called Richard Kyumjian as Minister of Social Affairs, it would appear that the Tashnag party wanted to represent. According to ministerial resources that are related to the file, Kyumjian appears to have been designated as Minister of State, long & does the Health Minister carry social care care and Deputy Prime Minister's role.

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