Al-Ayyam Newspaper – Prince Qassim: Creating committees to measure the amount of flooding


His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Meshaal bin, Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Department of Qassim, set up three field committees to assess the damage made by the waterfalls. recently on the town of Buraidah and its associated centers, and as a result damaged several houses and vehicles.

The official spokesman of the Emirate Qassim division, Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al-Saeed, said that his Majesty Emir's guidance was the Qassim area, which means that the committees will start their first stage of work to capture the wound and record the data; Starting on Saturday's Saturday at City Sports City in Buraidah for 20 days.

Al-Saeed said the working day of the morning and afternoon committees to provide more opportunities for those who are influencing, saying that the area's Emirate requires all exemptions to progress during the specific period a copy of the national identity and a copy of ownership if and, shows a crash situation, With their property documents.

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