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Suhail Al Mazroui Talk to the audience (Best Cinematography)

Suhail Al Mazroui Talk to the audience (Best Cinematography)

Hossam Abdulnabi (Dubai)

HE Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Energy and Business Minister, expressed concerns about the changes in oil prices in world markets and the facts of falling prices to low levels in the future. He emphasized the session on the role of the governments in a & # 39; energy design, The seventh session of the World Summit of the World, yesterday – that the income of a special price oil should not be the responsibility, but that these countries are capable of the availability of the available material and to be available to the world in a good time, in other words to ensure that countries that make and go. Use at the same time Oil when you see a Date to Follow Global Growth and Growth.
At the beginning of his speech, Al Mazrouei was encouraged to do so; balanced in the global oil market during the year, especially in the # 39; The first quarter of this year, due to the OPEC Agreements' concepts and the preliminary production reports in January, where it demonstrated that there was a commitment to the specific objectives, and that its # 39 ; Most of the representative countries are committed to the specific delegation.
He said that the OPEC, which is about around a third of world oil production, has the objective of balancing global oil market, and its sustainability. However, stressing, however, is that it is difficult to predict what happens to your oil prices, because world markets have different levels In terms of the criteria which are targeted by OPEC football countries, which focus on supply and demand, and to do what is possible to balance.
Al Mazrouei's emphasis on the world today requires more energy to be used less cost, "less energy clean", as long as it works as affordable prices and without to & # 39; less energy use.
He stated that UAE was able to reduce the cost of energy usage while at the same time; generating clean energy, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70% by 2050. Al Mazrouei asked about the situation of the United States In terms of the Paris Convention of the Convention, he said that the UAE to look at it from a political perspective. It looks like a strategy for both the UAE and the United States regarding the strategy that depends on clean energy. The United States is the largest producer and oil makers in the world, What United States need at the time of using less coal, and more natural use gas and solar power sources as head of business.
Al Mazrouei explained, except that the power to generate power from the sun is only 16 hours per day, another power is more expensive; it should be the choice of natural government for generating energy, telling people unhappy, where they should communicate with children (like the next generation), talk to them about the importance of their power. energy conservation, and millions of people in the world; trying to bring electricity to their homes.
He asked the Energy and Business Minister to go to; using artificial information as a prestigious device for consumption, which means that these solutions can get savings in consumption, which the UAE has to offer; trying to apply through the Smart Cities model, saying that the UAE is an example for everyone to achieve the difference in spending by using the " Using information Dubai has been making significant progress in this area in terms of construction systems and it is the desire to implement advanced systems to reduce the consumption of properties for reconfiguration in several other UAE cities. , soon.
In response to a question about the challenges facing the energy energy component, Al Mazrouei added that it depends on consumer behavior and behavior, in the sense that this behavior could be better or more difficult . He asked the need to develop a long-term strategy and planning for any division. The UAE plans for the year 2071, as the "ten years of the current UAE" plans, and for countries to consider solutions to the future challenges in the field of energy, and I do not Talk & & # 39; Accepting the difficulties that have just been DBS in the product.
Sergio Pimenta, Deputy Head of Middle East and Africa at IFC, said that the future for green energy, in terms of energy generation from environmentally friendly sources, would be considered by the IFC, # 39; recommends the drive of the UAE to generate energy and management resources in many Asset investments in other energy sources, and the implementation of several plants to make the energy of the sun in many countries of the world, Working between UAE and the International Monetary Fund in this area.
"Renewable energy needs to be in the future, especially because it's cheap and it needs to be used for a big deal," said Joe Keizer, Head of Siemens International. "The world is expected to be free in 2100 carbon dioceses that harm the environment. Kaiser suggested the ideas and knowledge of the UAE in an energy energy field, asking that these experiences be put into force in other countries and present them as a model for the future.

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