Al – Journal of Riyadh Fiscal Zverev's final tennis competition


Alexander Zverev at Germany won the ATP World Championship award for his / her. The first time he was a post after realizing one of the world's figures, one Novak Djokovic 6-4 and 6-3 in a & # 39; final Open Open on Sunday.

Zverev's B & B; The first German player won the competition title since Boris Becker won the title in 1995.

Zvefer was abolished for an hour and 20 minutes.

The 21st birthday is the youngest person who will be entitled to the final of Djokovic's first five titles at the same age in 2008.

"Indeed, I can not describe it, I have won the biggest title," said Zverev.

"Novak was surprising, he almost lost a game but I'm glad he lost me today."

Ivan Lendell, who won fifteen Grand Prix Grand Slam, has been on the Zverev training.

"Ivan thank you for going to the team, even though it does not stop crying until the next year and I can almost understand what I'm saying," Zverev said.

Zverev is sending a & # 39; defeated the winners of the first place and his / her; First place to win their first title in & # 39; final after trying to prevent Roger Federer in his & # 39; final on Saturday.

Djokovic was aiming to equilibrate the Federer record of how many times he won the title, where he was looking for the crowning of his sixth title.

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