Al – Riyadh Newspaper Betsi controls Al Dosari and Gameam from «Green»


Betsi controls Al Dosari and Gameam from «Green»

Of the green exercises yesterday

Saudi Arabia, Juan Antonio Pietzi, coaches the opportunity to complete their medicine program in their clubs. Petzi received a medical report from the medical center that accompanies her; mission they need to continue to cure and drain; go into a revival program. Time, they are not allowed to finish the green camp at the moment.

In the associated development, the team's mission on Sunday night at 10pm at King Fahad Airport in Dammam to Amman to complete the third phase of the preparatory program. This is after the last training session held by our team today at Prince Saud Bin Jlawi Sports City City Balraga.

On Monday, Al-Akhdar runs a friendly training center at the friendly friendly center, and meets Jordan on Tuesday at King Abdullah's Park in Amman.

The final national team in the East Division camp saw the midfielder of Mohammed Knou returned after recovering from the serious injuries he had suffered and suffered; giving him a part in the friendly Yemeni team. Knew and his / her rest of his colleagues; participating in the green rectangle, The team's players. On the other hand, Al-Ahdab players were present from talking to the media in order to cover the training, and this team's media machine explained because there is not enough time to interview held before the Great.

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