Al – Riyadh Newspaper Faisal bin Meshaal wants to establish a crisis committee to investigate deficiencies and investigate them


During the changes that are familiar with the department

Faisal bin Meshaal asks for a crisis committee to be established to investigate deficiencies and investigate them

His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin, Meshaal bin, Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Department Al Qassim, have launched an emergency management committee with the area's Researcher, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Wazzan. Chief of the Abdulrahman Chief of Al-Saleh, to investigate and examine what has been looked at through the changing changes to the weather with the division of the shortcomings and the responsibility of mistakes technical that is pose a threat to the lives of citizens and their property.

Emirate's official spokesman, Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al-Saeed, said that his committee would be guided by His Majesty; try to make more effort to achieve the communications received and to identify and sign up. addressing deficiencies in some government agencies and controlling sections in the relevant organizations for the communications received, saying that His Majesty's guidance is in place; preparing the Committee's preparation for monitoring And evaluating the work of the relevant agencies for non-repetitiveness of technical errors and shortcomings that pose a risk to the lives of citizens and their property from road and road accidents and some unsafe electric situations, and Government resources that are not equipment-friendly, But His Majesty has emphasized the importance of identifying the shortcomings and their responsibilities; take place and build on what is done to take the necessary legal steps to account for those who are unhealthy and negligent in life and property and not, go back and get any harm that God can give.

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