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For big and small children, t Aladdin Disney's classical classic – one of the highlights of the Mouse House's revival. Combined with 90s The King King, it gets the live smoke in the summer – and after a few early shifts, a full trailer has come to give us the best yet at Guy Ritchie's film. Following on from the full publication of Genie Will Smith in the Super Bowl trailer, this is a more encouraging and encouraging image of the film. Look at the trailer:

That is more like him, huh? This is what is Aladdin trailer with speed and energy, including popular songs, slender red tone and a view of the Genie riding two systems. With full-word ideas on New A New World World ‘Friend Like Me tha sure that fans are happy, it's likely Richie gets a bit of amazing things after everything. Mena Massoud is the street-rat ’score in the possession of a magic lamp, with the British actor Naomi Scott playing Jasmine. And of course, there seems to be a bit still to be done on Genie's look – but certainly not less of that strange glen feels that you were a bit worried in the heat before.

That's Guy Ritchie Aladdin it arrives at UK cinemas on 24 May – and before that, Disney buffs can take the case to Tim Burton's live action. Dumbo down to large screen on 29 March.

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