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Albena Vouleva has decided to make herself beautiful. The old television host is already 43 and has a great deal with its & # 39; first sign of old age. For a long time the women's mouth is not tied and is now to find a new one, a & # 39; giving information. Relaxing, the star was running out of processes and a & # 39; stretching out to attract the attention of the other species.

Vouleva does not hide that it is subject to a variety of methods and it is always a trying to look well. Recently she has made radio frequency – an incomplete way that improves its structure and elasticity; skin. "The gentle wrinkles will disappear and the opposition is clearly and tightly strengthened," Albena tells. She says she has been trying to correct her lips with hyaluronic acid, and her; writing a weekend.

Reality Star is also planning other interventions in the future. She has long been thinking of & # 39; including silicone plug-in with larger ones, and she will be back under the knife. So far, she has been confident because she was unpleasant and her. going out for her first time, but her great friend, Juliana Gani, was sure he was at a time to go. increase his sorrow. "I want even more tartan! I'm afraid to work again, but eagles need to sacrifice!" Albena said.

She has been the first few years ago, but she was not happy with the result and she wanted the same size as Ganye. Yulka gave her plastic launcher co-operatives, and Vuleva had already gone through her first consultation. It is only for choosing a date and counting 10 experiences for the work.

It is said that a lady has a great deal. hunting people, so it's not so hard on body to repair its body. After the Big Brother program: Wonde Bridge, she went to Vessela Neynsky, the sitting room, and went to Sofia restaurants to go to; find a lamb. The old TV host and singer opera are often very funny together, and sometimes Zornitsa Lindareva will accompany her. their company.

"My long-term friend, Nedik, was divided four years ago. No one is in the future – I am a married woman," says the author "Signal Yellow."


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