Alberta is looking for suggestions for the construction of new fires among massive emergencies


EDMONTON – Alberta is looking for someone to build a new oil furnace, but Premier Robert Notley says that any business needs to be done for business and taxpayers.

"The project needs to make sense for Alberta," said Notley Tuesday. "It must return to an investment for Albertans, and must make the way we use the energy resources that we make as Albertans as a whole."

Notley stated that its shareholder is & # 39; looking for ideas from companies to build up or expand anything. Applications like this are the first step in the process, but it would be the case; including details such as funding, technical feasibility, and timelines.

The projects would have to use oil products made by Alberta. The date for applications is February 8.

"We know companies are interested. We heard it today," said Notley. "So we're going up. As the owners of this resource, we say once and for everyone, let's stop the lecture and start acting."

Notley refused what the continent can specify or what can be offered in any building-building work, saying that it is too early in its presence; process.

"We are open to look at different arrangements, but we will first (give a) an awareness of the possible arrangements to come forward," said Notley . "Then, we will look at what best regards the investment to Albertans."

Terry Parker, the Alberta Real Estate Counselor, said the staff are already.

"We're too busy, skilled builders," said Parker. "We need big projects."

Alberta already has four senior developers and four detectors, with the Northwest Sturgeon wizards going to start commercial produce next year.

The date of February for interesting responses to # 39; come at the same time as the three-month statutor window opens for spring selection in Alberta.

United States Financial Conservative Drew Barnes said the Notley plan was politically promoted and promoted.

"We will analyze the course about any plan," said Barnes.

"But Albertans will recite anecdotes from the NDP today for what they are – the latest from government is tired, broken, and increasingly faster; coming to 2019. "

The foundry is one of many Alberta's enterprises to reduce costs and get more oil to market for a better price.

Difficulties such as pipe line pipes have been seeing Alberta recently; sold at low-cost prices, and said that its government had not been charged for cutting up its oil and woodland business cuts.

The continent also said he bought rail cars to kill more oil. He also pushed the federal government to revitalize the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which could be the B.C. Scotland, which says there will be a harder agreement for future energy megaprojects.

Notley said that Alberta will also spread the message, when Alberta is good, there are also the benefits of Canada.

She also responded as CEO of Francois Legault, who said a few days earlier that there was no "social tenure" for carrying a pipeline that he gave to his "dirty energy" of Alberta through his division.

"There is a high degree of thirst that I think most of the Canadians are becoming increasingly unhappy," said Notley.

Legault "needed to get rid of his high horse," she said.

"He needs to look at what is in the ground, and he must understand that our content is not dirty, but he funds schools, hospitals, roads and cars. 39; some of the hydro-electric infrastructure in Quebec. "

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