Alberto Guida: "In the last three months, the changes are not important"


Alberto Guida, President of the Argentine Wholesale and Distributor Chamber (Cadam), today "in the past three months, the changes have not been important", and its # 39 ; assigning that "in the 2018 average, what is presented to an average statistically of about 44 per cent." In addition, he described the impact of the new increases in food prices targets.

In conversation with The inter-passiveGuida Friday said "there has been a huge increase in the past three months" but that's not "There has been a huge change in prices from April to July, gradually in different installments". Then, he said: "The prices can be changed carefully and as part of what we see this year, for example, everything that increases services. "

"For example, in a gas case, the productive industry works most of the kilns based on the kilns and this increase impacts on its cost structure , the logistic time with the tax case … fuel for the time is more sustainable, but in principle what do we think this year is new for the tax, Time is expressed in anticipation of the inflation of 2 per cent per month is spoken, "he explained.

"What will happen to your food prices at the time the new electricity and gas targets start to come in?" Alberto Guida was asked the next thing: "What happens not all companies do at the same time (…) These are the processes that each company performs in accordance with their specific setting; Remove from products, need a leaflet. "

Follow it on: "Companies that have closed their calendar year are in December and are starting a new year. Companies that are closed in late June , with which each company's strategic strategy position is based on expectations Now, as long as there is no set of value again as long as we live, I am believes that the process will increase prices to a large extent, differing from companies and with materials and will be determined annually with anticipation of inflation to date ".

Find out if customers have a "#; continues to grow for a better price, Cadam said: "I do not know if they are going longer, they are in a position to keep buying … the general spending fell Give us 2% a year with the highest drop in the last host but this is different from business designs, as the biggest sales channel, the most prominent self- sold and they seem to have all self-service retailers, but the retail services are not more than 30, 35 per cent of the retail structure … the rest is a sales and distribution team in the local businesses ".

"What was the real-time self-service service, the user came into the retail services in the last two years that looked for the price benefits … that's still stable so they continue to consolidate that situation and that they want to buy and that is constant The top sellers of self-service do not have a big sale , it depends on the commercial dynamics of each, others, some smaller, but they are stable, "he said.

In another section of the interview that was taken to this center, Alberto Guida spoke about how he monitors the wide range for his division throughout the year; at the moment: "I see The first semester is relatively stable, now we need to see how the results of our first semester are measured because we are in a position; measure their first season of 2019, against her & # 39; In the first quarter of 2018, of course, there will be a huge fall due to its & # 39; first quarter of past year I had an negative position. "

"Now if we measure the 2019 quarter against the results of the last quarter of 2018, I think there will be more advanced results … on the other hand in the # 39 This first seven weeks I understand that the income of everything that is the collection of grain sales, I think there is some activity and some progress … an equality case is also complete, "he said.

And he closed: "I do not see the first semester essential, I look at a second most important commercial semester if the general view of the uncertainty of the president's election is maintained, because the uncertainty that creates its & # 39; means paralyzed (…) I believe that the danger is; at the election process as part of that unconcerting context that creating a paralyzed commercial, which does not clarify the ultimate outcome and that the route may have been taken, creating a limited amount of commercial enterprise conditions ".

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