Aldi Suisse finishes bringing in drink cartons in the shop


Aldi Suisse launched the ambitious project three years ago with considerable media attention. But the collection does not pay a carton of drinks that he paid. Now the discounter takes out the withdrawal of Tetra Pak in the stores.

In this exciting project, Rappenspalter Aldi Suisse has overhauled. The discounter will include a major project of collecting cartons of drinks containing over 200 branches through Switzerland. "Despite the technical instability already, there will not be the same level of recycling in other market players," said Fabienne Magee, Head of Corporate Responsibility Aldi. " more than 70% of the charities we collect came from competitors. "

The collection is of Tetra-Paks and Co. completed on June 30. This machine is in the great hall of Müller Recycling in Frauenfeld.

IG Retail never believed it was successful

Their sophisticated conciliation system was one reason that Aldi was the first wholesaler to bring drink cartons. In attendance of Blick, Aldi from Switzerland, Timo Schuster (40) sent the first box into the ship at a local meeting on 18 August 2016.

In Switzerland, over 700 million cartoons of drinks are banned every year. After glass and PET, a cardboard is the third most important packaging. The Switzerland Switzerland interest, which also represents the interests of Coop, Migros and Denner, was not believed in the recycling of Tetra Pak.

Presumably no carting was paid for Aldi. In a statement, the discounter confirms that the economic benefit had not been at the heart of the original project. And the removal of the carton collection will not have any impact on the delivery of plastic bottles (shampoo, detergents) and PET. (Uro)

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