Aldi: Two softwares will make angry customers – "Certainly, certainly"


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Aldi bought two things and got astonished. But, however, he is not able to understand some of the users of Facebook.

Munich – These frozen materials were something new: when Chris T. bought two sucks from frozen fee on Saturday's flame and wanted to eat only a day later, he got astonished at him: both the maids were see damage to devices. However, most of the b & # 39; best before day.

On the counterfeit Facebook page, Chris T. put off the fury with two men out. "Too heavy Aldi … he is rude at this stage," he made a complaint in one of the two posts on the small mills.

Most Facebook users are almost not aware

For other Facebook users, however, Chris T. found his posts with some understanding. "Do you see anything else? It is not rude because nobody was" made ". No one could see either," wrote a Facebook users. "It's not a word choice of words to call the misunderstandings below," he says in another opinion.

Although some of the comments explain that there is more or less friendship that the "air puller" called "on puller", other Facebook users may mention that there was not even a # 39 ; And an Aldi staff's X-ray view.

Aldi's staff wants to take the event forward to clarify

A Facebook user who advises Chris T. just swapping the barrel. This proposal also gives him a colleague of the Aldi news team. She also wants to bring the event forward to the provider for clarification.

But this is not the only extraordinary search in a freezer Aldi. Just recently, an animal that finds the user lives in a concessionary bottle spiral.

On Facebook, a recent discount reduction shop has made it anymore. With controversial advertising, Lidl did not make friends in the social network.

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