Aleš non-trusted lighter for 100 kilograms


He's been a good year since he was Aleš Hrvatin Lujko Farewell with the show The Worst Loser SlothAfterwards, then, it was a big change, but now we can say that it has been a completely different one. At the beginning of last year, he had 223 pounds, today he is 120, and this is a great muscle.

"I remember how I came home from the show last night and I went to work on a Saturday morning. Then a new chapter started. I did not know what was waiting for to me, and I did not think about it. With a personal trainer May, I did not really enjoy it, I work significantly on the weight loss, and later for a wooden mite to mid-summer. I helped to train my own and also visit the fitness room, "he wrote.

Despite this, pictures tell more than a thousand words …

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