Alex Smith wounded: QB broke his leg on Joe Theismann's book anniversary


Washington will not start a quarterback for its & # 39; rest of the season. Alex Mac a 'Ghobhainn had to take him out of the field in the third season of the Sunday game against the Texans after losing bad injury. Backup Colt McCoy will handle the team's loop instead.

Shortly after her game, Washington coach leader Jay Gruden told the Macdonald journalists that there was a complex breach in to its fibia and fibibia who need surgery.

This is a special look at the injured play.

It was a downturn on a rough day for a quartz of old soldiers. Smith was arrested twice a day, with one of those elections to return 101 yards with Justin Reid's safety to benefit Houston 17-7 in the third quarter. He tried to bring Washington back into conflict when he suffered his brutal hit.

McCoy came in to find out Jordan Reed in the last zone for a nine-garrison pass after months to cut the leadership of Texans to 17-14.

The Texans were held to win the game, 23-21.

What does this mean for Washington?

Washington ran to the top of the NFC East behind the start of 6-3 exciting until 2018. The regular gaming of Macs & Smith is a big part of that. Instead of giving the team the opportunity to formerly the previous quarterback, Kirk Cousins, Mac a 'Ghobhainn allowed a small stop in the service, It was at risk in his pocket. Although he got only 6.8 yards every effort – his lowest figure since 2013 – he threw only three attacks in 301 passes before the Sunday game.

Mac a 'Ghobhainn will not return to Sunday, and a quick fight analysis says it might be a while before returning to the field. Theman, who was in his position completed by a similar hit (and rewritten) on this day 33 years ago, he saw the same thing between the two bad attacks immediately.

Theismann, quite consistent, had FedEx Field for seeing Smith's injuries on Sunday afternoon. It's not the same co-location either.

The last score of the Washington 33 year game also ran 23-21. Smith and Theism broke their legs on the 40-yard line.

With regard to McCoy, he only threw 11 regular sessions from 2015 to Week 11. He is suddenly starting the last six games of the season, and that's what he saw most since 2011. It is a huge result of a new quarterback with a professional traveler rank of 78.9.

Washington's plans have already introduced a backdrop and include a number of names, including EJ Manuel, TJ Yates and Mark Sanchez, according to Adam SchefterSouth Westerly

But Washington may need to win McCoy on the line, and the team's schedule with McCoy's 1-3 starts to start; disturbed him.

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