Alexis's "Nephews" is a dream about their promises


There was a very special morning for the nineteen children of the "My Friends" reception center of Peñaflor, because many of them could not sleep asleep until they were long, and they were still happy with Alexis Sánchez 's amazing journey, a football idol for them all and who "invaded" with innocent questions is only restricted to the bone.

Although they were more than that, most were happy with their new sneakers or theirs; played with the dogs full of Atom and Humber, presents that were over the historical spokeswoman of the Red in the armed party of the Christmas party, promised to "walk the pool" and close forts, a garden spoon that they all are very happy.

"The Christmas gift is best for all their commitment to settle the well that supplies water to the bath, along with court facilities "That's what he's talking about as a man. And everything was done in private," said the director of his "My Friends" home, Luis Ortúzar, to dh & # 39; he learned that he was not just a & # 39; heard about Alexis who spent half an hour before the start.

Waiting for the green light of current Manchester United director, Mario Obregón, "uncle", who has been working at home for 30 years, Counting on how many days he needed to start the bath, these are the best kids during the summer months.

"When the machine that drives on the Ferris wheel dies in a day, where you can take a look at painting. Then you have to wait at least two other days to work. Other words, if Alexis gives up the green light, in three days the pool is completely full, "said the conservation manager.

In terms of the field of the earth, which also has a single athletic energy, it will be planted with rapid grass – with support from the Recuerdo Park – and thanks to the future deaths of Sánchez Na gabh- into the neighbors' houses.

Do Luis Vargas, another of his home's uncle, is this blessed field and will be the result of his / her; organizing many children to follow a sports route. "Nicolás Maturana was made here who was even unnecessary playing. Then her police went and confirmed to her. So I happy to have my improvements, "he closed.

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