Alfa Romeo said there were 60,000 Giulia and Stelvia on the world


Italy's Alfa Romeo remembered well the two most popular modules because of mechanical difficulties.

Over 60,000 vehicles of Giulia and Stelvio models were pulled out of the way due to problems with controlled alterations.

As they say from Alfa Romeo, the system doesn't go out of fashion when the train is pressing the pedal pedal.

The system can only be deleted when you carry a roof for a long time.

Alfa Romeo discovered an outbreak of a staff check of the vehicle, but now no reports had been wounded or wounded.

The Giulia and Stelvio carriages were carried out in the period 2017-2019, and owners will be notified in the coming months and the developer will "upgrade" the software.

This is not the first memory of Giulia and Stelly.

Last October, the same models faced difficulty crawling in a version of 2.0l and 2.9V6.

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