Alfonso Parot influenced Rosario Central with his love and was happy


Silein side has the same aim of its game with a powerful left-handed image. The "scoundrel" with San Martin de San Juan awarded his second continuous prize.

Impact in & # 39; classics against him Newell's in the fourth quarter of Argentine Cup which was important for getting confidence and & # 39; return to good results Rosario Meadhanach, Alfonso Parot added this to the CDF News.

Before the game against "leprosy", there were six games at the "scoundrel" without winners. After going on to the end of the competition, the team was led by Edgardo Bauza his second continuous prize.

Midnight stay for the lowest account San Martin de San Juan. A great figure is the commitment of Sinclair. The "Poncho" got a big hit at 61 & Stop the visitor visitor with a powerful left-handed image from outside the area.

The local fans recognized the good performance and the previous defender at the Catholic University and at the Giant Estadio of Arroyito they heard "Chilean, Chilean …".

Rosario Academy won 18 points and was close to entering the South American Cup certificate zone.

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