Alice Cooper is defending Johnny Depp ahead of a Hollywood Vampires tour: 99 per cent was just a bull.


Alice Cooper has again introduced protection to the Hollywood Vampires band Johnny Depp, claiming that the majority of the reports were about the actor and musician last year " t just a bull ".

Speaking to him Boarding ahead of a seven-day trip around the west coast of the US in May, Cooper revealed that the forthcoming studio album includes songs by Depp which are about to end the problems. t regarding abuse of a previous woman the actor Amber Heard.

"I am taking control of my poison on this table, which is very good," said Cooper, saying that the things you heard last year are about Johnny, 99 per cent just a bull. I never saw it look better I had never been happier. I never heard him play better, and the way the media used to kill him completely and ready to die.

Earlier this month it was reported that Depp was seeking $ 50m (£ 38m) from Heard for saying he was contemplating the accused "concerns" of domestic abuse.

He was accused of domestic abuse in May 2016 before sending out $ 7m (£ 5.3m), which she donated to charity.

The subject matter states: "Mr Depp has never changed Ms Heard. Her allegations were falsely made when they were made in 2016. They were part of a know-how to create high visibility for Ms Heard and the BBC. for her appointment.

Acclaimed solicitor Eric M George responded with the statement: "This desperate act is the latest of Johnny Depp's successive efforts to an Amber Heard. Not quiet."

The statement continued: "The actions of Mr Depp confirm he cannot accept the truth of his rude behavior. But as long as it indicates that he is pronounced badly pronounced" In order to bring about self-destruction we will affect the defeat of this unconstitutional achievement and remove the continued neglect of my client by Mr Depp and his legal team. "

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