"Alien: Blackout" is the new logo of video games related to Kojima and recorded by Fox


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At any time during the year, information was provided which would bring in shooter of high quality based on the famous film saga Alien, this way the xenomorphs could be back in the world of video games after years of deficiency, Isolation For example, the game is ab & # 39; (recently) famous for consideration.

Moving comments such as Twitter accounts about the registered name and the Hideo Kojima divide pictures when it came to Fox's studio, everything would be done; show that something we can not leave. At this time, we can also announce that people who link the sentence (and typography) of "Symbols change"with the logo"Weyland Yutani"From an Ethnicity cèilidh. Personally, it seems that it's a bit of dumbness and I do not think that's like, but The Awards Awards It is an event that is always on wisdom bills, clothes and so on. Anyway, The Game Awards officially responded to Kojima "The world will change!" In the photo you uploaded to your Twitter account about the trip to the studio Distribution.

We need to take into account the discharge that will take place on December 6, to see if Fox's platform shows us so uncertainty, a message on Twitter and pictures.


Editing: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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