Alien: Blackout would be named at The Game Awards 2018


The Game Awards are coming closer, and it is likely that one of the most amazing things to do with Alien's commercial license and the elegant Xenomorphs. What do you remember this time? Find out in this note!

To vote Alien He has a tough history in the world of video games with amazing effects and spectacular failures, and every time a new title is named, the gods cast a coin until any side has fallen. Cycling will begin again, according to the truth, and the next chapter will be called Alien: Blackout. This will be a shooter for consoles and PC, and was named there 2018 Awards Awards in December.

Last week, Distribution created a trademark registered for a new video game with the title Alien: Blackout, and we do not know too much. However, this is consistent with a teaser made by the guest and a driver 2018 Awards Awards, The Geoff Keighley, in which he included a picture with the words "THAT IS NOT THE OLD"(" The world changes ") in a similar source to the Weyland-Yutani of the movie series. Weyland-Yutani, with the way, is a company that wants to use the Xenomorphs to make money.

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In terms of the developer behind Alien: Blackout, we are not yet clear who it is. Rumors show that the US survey is possible Cold Iron, there is a subsidiary Fox call Distribution received a bit ago This is a study established in 2015, and includes members of Cryptic Studio (creators About the BBC and The City of Heroes). In a press release in early 2018, Fox said: "We support Iron Iron's previous work, and all FoxNext people are very happy to work with them to create a world-wide, packed world, and covered by the world's mystery"Sustainable? Will he be something kind? Scone? Whatever the case, we will be sure we get out on 7 December.

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