Alina Grosso marries in the summer of Romeo and Juliet


Alina Grosso marries in the summer of Romeo and Juliet

Photo: Instagram

On the upcoming holidays "KP in Ukraine" told the great singer Irina Bilyk.

The 23 year old singer Alina Grosu married. The wedding will take place in the summer of Venice. About this "KP in the Ukraine" told an actress goddess Irina Bilyk in a special interview.

– I am preparing for his wedding. I might open my mystery now, but in June we're going to Alina for celebration. I'm really looking forward, I am preparing clothes. He will forget, at the Venice, the castle. In the area where Romeo and Juliet lived. Even my mother flew! She sends her own blue dress, and I'm a green man, ”admit Irina Bilyk.

Read all of Shakespeare and remember that Romeo and Juliet was born in Verona – one of Venice's most popular regions. Lovers often arrange celebrations here by being inspired by a great love story.

According to Irina Bilyk, she does not know her robber with the man she did. she was only seen in a photograph.

– very young. This is not a voluntary decision, they have been going back for three years. We're ready to accept our family, ”said Irina.

Alina Grosso carefully brings her personal lives from her fans. In November 2018, the artist's first impression was published by her lover on Instagram, laying out her face in Photoshop. The young man is called Alasdair.

Alina Grosu with her beloved. Photo: Instagram

In an interview on the eve of the 20th anniversary, Alina Grsu told me she was happy in her personal life, but did not marry.

– I won't hide them. My heart is not free. I'm still a creative person, I can't be love. I am pleased, but we are still far from the wedding. Now the most important job is for us, I want to be a little free from stamps, register offices and from family worries. That love will be on beautiful days as much as possible. But in the future – Alina admitted.

Alina Grosu now lives in two towns – Kiev and Moscow. From her child, she is known as a singer, but Alina also sees herself as an actress. Behind is burnt in several TV films and programs.

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