Alina Grosu named her change at her level name to GROSU


Video: GROSU – WILD ( Grosu)

Ukrainian singer, Alina Grosu, who inspired the way to Halloween, spectacular fans with unintentional comment.

On the other day, in the Instagram, Alina sent videos in letters, in which she indicated that the new "Wild" was released and indicated a change in the name at her stage.

Photograph: GROSU (artist's news service)

"Alina Grosso is no longer anymore. She stayed in the cinema. Now there's only a GREAT in music," said the singer.

She says that she is a clear, creative person in GROSU, in which charisma, dedication, loyalty and at the same time do not. find new faces in themselves.

Photograph: GROSU (artist's news service)

"Today, GOD is foolish, but lamenting in the image of a handmade, in the first man who welcomes the male conception and not his Unlike part of the world's people. Every woman has tried this image for herself for one time in life. She herself … "- says the description of the song" Wild. "

We will remind, Alina Grosu has shown earlier images earlier. On the other hand, Alina is facing the face of orange resin in a white yellow dress with purple fur on her; head. The actor was added to the white sea.

Alina Grosso also let the reason for leaving Leps.

On the way, Alina Grosu tells about the novel with a football player and married plastics.

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