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The artist will change its name

Alina Grossu. Photograph: postal service

Alina Grossu. Photograph: postal service

The singer Alina Grosso, who made new warm shoes, made a strong statement. On the other day, in the Instagram, Alina informed videos in the form of letters, in which she changed her name.

"Alina Grosso is no longer anymore. She stayed in the cinema. Now there's only a GREAT in music," said the singer. There have been major changes in the work of the artist with the video, appear in the form of a handmade.

"Today GROSU is willing, but heavy in the image of a handmade, in the same way that will disturb the number of people under the control of the man and not only as part of the planet's people , "there are so many signs that accompany the new style of the singer.

"Well, there is time to block something, something needs to be changed," "Why?", "Cool", "Alina, whatever your name is, the The best thing is, "postwriters write in the Grosu photo gallery. Along with the change of the name of the stage, Alina also let a new song # Wild

We will remember, Alina Grosu first appeared in a prominent illustration of a decorative gown. A Ukrainian star set a picture on Instagram.


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