Alisson was talking about Neymar vs. PSG vs. Liverpool


The Brazilian warden will move the country before a battle between life vs. PSG vs Liverpool will become a League League group.

A C group in the European League is this season when things are still possible in the last two trips. Napoli and Liverpool won the one with eight points, but Paris Saint-Germain was surrendered to poorly one point. Even the "paved" as Red Belgrade in theory is enough to make the story and get tickets.

Alisson talks about Neymar to her; fighting PSG vs. Liverpool image
Alisson was talking about Neymar vs. PSG vs. Liverpool

So PSG vs. Liverpool will be a life-and-death war in the Prince's Park tomorrow, when the decision has almost been abolished from her & # 39; game. Stars on both sides have a warming up; game to empower the team spirit as well as the psychological importance of the enemy.

Even to be & # 39; respecting its countries as well as its observers, Alisson Becker is ready to challenge the Neymar star against the front line. Talk about a Brazilian guardian: "They can have Neymar but we also have strong defenders with excellent defender. This is a good game, but it's worth 90 minutes."

Then, broadcasting, Kylian Mbappe, said he has nothing to be afraid of Virgil Van Dijk, the best defender in the world at this time. Elite Declaration of the 2018 World Cup Championship: "This is the Welsh League, where we can not avoid high quality players. I personally look forward to it, especially with the opportunity to face it the great defender that builds body and talent. "

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