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The Gearbox company was holding one of the most interesting and fun game shows. Randy Pitchford introduced the audience into his son Randy Pitchford (already the third Randy in the family), showed card games in the spirit of David Blaine, handed a jacket tent, rubbed into the platform t , gifts and support staff provided strong support. As a result, fans of the Gearbox and Borders series they had been waiting for five years now – named Borderlands 3 and a great trailer with lots of video films from the game. However, there were adverts and smaller.

Bulletstorm: The Duke of Switch's Magazine

The visitor will be at liberty, possibly in 2011 and redrafted in 2017, on Switch this summer. The Nintendo console preparation involves everything.

Pathologic 2

Ice-Pick Lodge Lodge was a trailer department, very uncomfortable and sensible, and the release date for Pathologic 2. The game is released on PC on 23 May.

Water hazard 2

Studio Hopoo Games, in which there are only three people, announced that the new Risk of Rain 2 project will take place in an early entrance to Steam. The risk of Rain 2 is a multiple player with a pumped twist and lots of lots. The game can be played in its own right, or in a group of four. The Hopoo Games promise massive gaps and huge spaces.

Steam already has a Risk of Rain 2.

Game of the Year with the Borders

The first Border publication will be issued on 3 April on PC, PS4 and XBOX one. Gearbox promises better quality design, lighting and texture. PS4 and XBOX are supported by any 4K and HDR support. The Remaster will play some changes. First, four of the game can be played on one screen and a small map will appear on the interface. Second, the battle with the last headteacher will be more difficult, and the character of the characters can be changed.

Like the Bulletstorm edition for the Switch, Game Border of the Year will give you everything that adds to each add-on phrase.

Borders 4K for the Borders 2, Borderlands Pre-Sequel and Bordrelands: A beautiful collection

Next week, April 3, PS4 Pro, XBOX. One property X and a PC have a 4K surface for the Borders 2, The Borders: The Pre-sequel and the Borders: A Freehand Collection.

Warderlands 3

The exhibition ended with a large trailer of the Borders 3. Randy Pitchford offered to watch the viewer twice. Gearbox promises billions of steep stock.

A fantastic and funny exhibition. Thanks, Gearbox!

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