All Belgrano players who were the first ever used in 2019


An Belgrano 2019 start on Wednesday, January 2. It has 10 dates left in the Super League to keep the points that allow the department to be maintained. And to achieve it, he knows that needs to be strengthened.

And began the year with two new faces at the Villa Esquiú building: the great Mauricio Cuero and the defendants Marcelo Herrera.

There is a 25 year old leather and recording measures for La Equidad de Colombia, Vaslui de Rumania, Olimpo, Banfield, Levante de España, Santos Laguna de México, Tijuana de México y Olimpia de Paraguay.

He comes to Alberdi club to give peppers in the attack, play outside and & # 39; maybe be a partner Matías Suarez in the last meters. He was not trained because they provide information about how to go to # 39; hiring.

It will be given Thursday, but yesterday it was already on the Villa Esquiú building.

Marcelo Herrera It's a 26-year-old power center to & # 39; coming from Lanús. He also had a degree in Federal A and Olympus workshops.

Everything that happened this Wednesday

start up The work began with work in the army of Pérez Armando Pérez, after just over 45 minutes, the players went to court both where PF, Sebastian Morelli, took action in the battle and with their members. Villa Esquiú's training is simple to Monday on a daytime, when they leave for Salsipuedes after lunch, they will stay for two weeks.

Appearance The players were training yesterday: Arqueros: Lucas Acosta and César Rigamonti. Defendants: JuanQuiroga, Guidara Tomás, Hernán Menosse, Marcelo Herrera (strengthening), Miguel Martínez, Matías Nani and Federico Álvarez. Flyers: Gabriel Alanis, Fabricio Brener, Wilson Altamirano, Marcos Rivadero, Juan Brunetta, Martin Rivero, Rodrigo Gómez and Federico Lértora. Forward: Adrián Balboa, Tomás Attis, Tobías Figueroa, Leonardo Sequeira and Matías Suárez.

Absent Maximiliano Lugo was not present because he was in Paraguay to finalize his loan modes, today he would return and work with his / her; group. Sebastián Luna was running on the campaigns on 17 December and is in the revival stage, he will not play until the next season.

Need JavaScript to play For now Diego Osella's team has three preparatory games. Founded Sunday, January 13 at 10:10 p. At the Giant of Arroyito, in Rosario, before the center. There will be a meeting on television and where both public presence is allowed.

Wednesday 16 would play with the Institute behind closed doors, in Alberdi or Villa Esquiú. And the 19th Workshop and the Kempes with both parties.

Those who left. Pablo Heredia (he could go to the second Cobreloa na Sile), Gastón Gil Romero, Denis Rodríguez, Sebastián Olivarez (he went to Ferro) and Jonás Aguirre, the end of his contract.

Will they continue? Tobías Figueroa attended training, but he continued to resign his position, and Marcos Rivadero returned from Gimnasia de Mendoza, according to what the coach says.

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