All members of the year's year-end awards have been reduced by half of the unprofessional workers: due to poor performance as expected – IT & Transportation – cnBeta.COM


As the company's performance is not expected, this year's senior executives will not be able to; receive the end of the year award.from

At the DDT full-time conference on December 14, Divin's Chief Executive Chen Wei said the year-end awards for staff this year fell down in comparison to last year, and did not get -Discover Dhidi the year's prize. Cheng Wei said that the performance of the company was not expected, especially since the security deposit is very large, and will continue to expand it; investment in the future.

As the activists did not have a year-end award, Liu Qing, president Didi, said: "Some people have just risen to VP, do you want to go back?"

It is reported that the award at the end of the year of average of average staff is classified in the ABC third level, the salary is 6 months, the rate of salary is 4 months, the salary is 2 months, # 39; in level C.

"Everyone is very unhappy. I have to have performance appraisals at the end of the year. Recently, everyone has been working too long. I want to work firmly in front of the leaders. Some of the staff said.

Due to the poor security events in which two drivers have attacked female women last year, the security pressure faced by Didi is huge this year.

Long ago, on December 5, Didi left an e-mail to increase the organizational structure. The development, Didi and divisional business have been together and adapted. Among them, the fast train industry group was compiled, the network's car platform company was set up, the small car cars service and the vehicle asset management center (AMC) were merged, updated to a new car service, and the car ownership company was established.

In the full letter, the "updated security system" was first installed in all modifications. Mr Wang Xin, head of Department of Security Department Group, the main travel security officer and reported to Cheng Wei. To improve the capacity of emergency emergency response, several departments also created an emergency workforce.

In response to the major pressure of a network contract, Didi will accompany the fast-growing business organization that has been in place. move rapidly with the special vehicle business unit and the luxury car business unit to create a drip car platform. In 2017, Didi has introduced Express, Taxi, and Cars departments to two business groups: fast travel and quality travel. To date, the training structure structure has been updated from the department and from the business group to its network car platform company. It is said that the connection of special trains to support integrated transfer of resources and effective implementation of the & the compliance process with the network.

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