All plans for Virat Kohli were broken!


Other Artists, including the Royal Challengers Viratore Virat Kohli. Photo: ESPN

Other Artists, including the Royal Challengers Viratore Virat Kohli. Photo: ESPN

Royal Challengers Virat Kohli Bangalore captain wins the treat before seeing the pitch in the playground for the most part. He also did not change his XI.

But his plan was right until the 18th century. Because the AB de Villiers who are used to playing careless pictures means that the bat bat has too much chance to get in the crock. In an IPL match, it didn't leave the area by surrender. In other words, they did not win any game.

When that ABD is crying then, there are 41 runs in 24 thing that happened? Not at all. And when there are 7 wickets in hand, there is no space for effect. But every dream in the explosion attack was broken up.

But especially the bombardment of the bombarders of the Royal Challengers Bangalore bombarded the camp. Herschelle Pandey has 18 of the 18th over the 18th century having lost two wickets in the 18th over Herschelle Pandey, there was a wild RCB camp. But the important thing is that, over the issue, only 5 runs in a wicket, bomrah.

As a result, Royal Challengers need to win 17 possible runs in the final race, which is tough. Lhasa Malinga introduced the first person to join him in the first ball but the last five came but 4 runners. That is just ten in the last.

In the fabulous game that followed 6 tours, the Villiers-Kohli team Royal Challengers Bangalore

AB de Villiers deployed 70 members out of 41 members. Immigrants in the chakka were 4-4 and 6.

For Mumbai, Bomrah 33 grew up in four more and Kohli has three valuable wickets. Indeed, Rohit Sharmas achieved his effectiveness. The game bomrah

The Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by Kohli, decided to place the first place in the IPL's seventh game on Thursday (28 March).

The 48-Rose Rohit team arrived after posting 187 Indian Mumbai in the 20 overs of the match.

Forcing a total of 188 tracks, Bangalore was able to stop 181 for the loss of 5 wickets.

Before Bangalore, the 31 odd number, Kohli 46, a hitman returned to 5 runs. On the other hand, De Villiers was not quiet on 70 out of 4 hours and 6 six, of Villiers.

In Malinga-Marconday, Rare-cut out

Meanwhile, Mumbai lost their first match to Delhi Capitals with 37 series. Only Yuvraj Singh was able to do large runs. This game therefore brought two changes to their team. The new players are included in the last eleven years. As a result, the English player Ben Cutting and a young man Rasik Salam of Kashmiri were abandoned in the previous game.

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