All-Star NBA Weekend, news: Hamidou Diallo, Joe Harris, Jayson Tatum


The NBA dance had many effects and struggles, but Hamidou Diallo Oklahoma City was a beneficiary worthy after he had been able to play. donates his gifts as Dennis Smith Jr. New York as the Knicks, struggling to keep up.

What's the most important thing about? Diallo's amazing dunk work over the 2.16m high Famer Hall Shaquille O Neal. The extraordinary work is more attractive when you affect Diallo's height of 1.95 meters.

He put social media into full melting with many saying that they were the most dunk they ever saw.

Diallo made the dunk on his first attempt, not to Using his hands when he jumped over Shaq and then he showed the Superman logo he had under Thunder singlet.

"Unbelievably, this is for my mother," said Diallo on winning his & her; war.

This is not a # 39; The first time Shaq player used in his competition, back in 2014 to & # 39; influencing Shaq, when Ben McLemore was on the throne.

Diallo's attempt was a lot better than a & # 39; looking at Smith to try and spent Dwyane Wade as Steph Curry, who had a rough night in a & # 39; miss the 3-point competition, and help him.

He gave Mac a Smith Smith's attempts before he sent out this one for a prefect score of 50.

Diallo would be going to & # 39; hunt a comedy with a & # 39; This flat is above the quarry's top.

He left his efforts to attack the top of Shaq's NBA experts as a result of his ability to get air and even though he saved a contest that was at risk.

And although you might think that one dunk could be enough for Diallo, he wants more and more revenge; leaving Number 1 to choose Zion Williamson, after Diallo was losing a secondary school championship last year.


The 3-point competition is often one of the best parts of the NBA All Star Final Week and again did not disappoint Steph Curry – make sure we say – falling in & # 39; final.

Yes, it was like the three-time MVP League that won its second 3-point competition when it came out of the blocks that hit in the # final – to make a & # 39; His first 9 shots were Joe Harris at Brooklyn, which gave 26-point signal marks – but then something strange happened.

Was a cold warrior.

From the top of the arc it was struggling, a & # 39; hitting only two shots and then proceeding to battle at the side, before he came home strongly with his, He had a silver rack for a score 24 but when he lost his third attempt, the prize to Harris is incredible.

After leaving a big final of Harris to the clear team of the Brooklyn team and All Star Dave Angelo Russell was happy because he was a Seeing a & # 39; side.

Buddy Hield was seen with some of the last problems as he spent slowly, and earned just 19 points in his / her; finals despite 26 in the first round.

And while Curry was in operation, possibly the NBA musician and the current analysis of the most pollutant of the day.

Shaquille O Neal had to put his own hand for soloist Shaqtin when he entered the court for the Pop-a-shot section.

The big feathers raised by announcing "they call me the Steph Curry black."

Then when he was challenged, he said "Steph Curry is a light skin."

He even saw a & # 39; The first round was a great freedom and it was not surprising to anyone that Curry was a warrior there.

Go to her & # 39; a signal that needs 25 points or more to just make the Curry last slimmer but has tried to demolish the last 10 episodes, and # 39; including the entire cash race race before raising his coffin and releasing a solid stone as he would say to the other, the campaigners will come and go. get me &

The one who left behind was to protect his & # 39; Devin Booker hero at the Phoenix Suns and despite being able to go. dropping down the last 6 scenes and full of a silver wall he did not cut the final on 23 points.

Booker had been in need of 25 for a & # 39; The link of the Harris winner who got calm enough to start and start. set up early signals.

Until Curry, only H Sacramento Kings's young gun was matched to Harris, and Hield lost one money-maker.

Perhaps the largest outside Curry was out to the NBA director Dirk Nowitzki, who made his first appearance in the & # 39; since he won in 2006 and the Germans did not worry himself, despite aeronauticals, which linked Damian Lillard on 17 points.

Steph Curry has good news, although Seth, the youngest Curry, is now paying for tickets for the family to every game they are doing; Fight against the other one until one of them resigns.


Joe Harris Nets Brooklyn 26 points

Steph Curry Golden State Warriors 24

Buddy Hield Sacramento Kings 19


Steph Curry 27 points

Buddy Hield 26

Joe Harris 25

Devin Booker Phoenix Suns 23

Danny Green Toronto Raptors 23

Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks 17

Damian Lillard Portland Trailblazers 17

Seth Curry Portland Trailblazers 16

Kemba Walker Charlotte Hornets 15

Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks 11 points


The Challenge of Skills was won and run and won this trip by winning Boston's Jayson Tatum and made it a comic way to play. hit the rookie Trae Young in Atlanta in the last round.

They went on to take a European-wide game after the later Nikola Jokic of Denver came to influence Nikola Vucevic in Orlando and followed that subject with Tatum doing the same thing to do & # 39; hit Mike Conley.

Luka Doncic gave him the only chance to hit Kyle Kuzma, It was a really amazing thing like the rookie hit by Aaron, Young, Sacramento of Aaron Fox's & # 39; opening round.

He could not do it; joke. Young was a long distance behind Fox, who lost his 3-point case that he had enough time before Young out of the big series away with his, case to leave her & # 39; his gun in an amazing way.

The Jokic fight again saw at the four finals after sweeping a great victory over Tatum, with the Celtic young people to go out; proceed to the final boundary to get flat hunting.

In the battle of the young youth, he attacked Doncic to make the final against Tatum.

As if he would say keep my beer rookie & # 39; Tatum, he went to the next level of trouble in Charlotte at his final.

The two young guns got out of their signal quickly before it arrived rapidly in the Atlantic, but Tatum was a gradually level 3 with the piper 3 – when Young, Tatum disappeared from outside a half-court and shot the win.


The Curry brothers have been bet for their head-to-one competition in the NBA 3-point competition today: anyone who misses tickets must buy for their entire Curry family a & # 39; Count each other for the rest of their NBA posts.

Steafan on Saturday before using the All-Star Gamma said "the promises are very high to consider how many people are doing. for our games. "

It is not clear if their organization is including a new sister. There are reports that Seth has praised Rivers River, the NBA Doc Rivers company girl. Speaking about Saturday, Seth refused to talk about their relationship.

Stephen, who won the 3-point competition in 2015, said he is encouraged to win it again because he "knows something" is that everyone else in the Curry family – is Among her parents – drag for Seth.

"So I hope to pull the problem," said Steafan with a smile.

The two players hope to be better than Dell Curry's dance, who took part in the 3-point competition twice but did not get out of his first visit. Seth said to do her. First, Dell advised them "to do much better than I did."

And as long as the two-time MVP, a three-time and six-time All Star NBA concert had been quite quiet outside the news conference, the brother was abusive; Seth's youth is all fighting and her. fight on social media.


Anthony Davis did not get what he wanted first before finishing the NBA trade and stayed in a Pelican when all of the campaigns were about a & # 39; go to the Lakers LA.

Now Davis shows that all the options are open at the end of the season, and # 39; including going to Boston Celtics.

"They are on my list," said Davis.

It's just one of a few memorabilia that was; fought in a 24-minute Davis meeting with the media at the All-Star NBA weekend.

He spoke not only to play for the Celtics but also why he would be interested in entering the New York Knicks, Pelicans Dell Demps' general manager shot Friday afternoon and why he asked for a New Orleans trade in the first place.

"I just keep it right, be honest," said Davis with a smile.

"I knew that you all wanted to talk about. I just told how I feel, telling my ambitions, and we will go out there."

But the most important thing of these goals was, however, that Davis was willing to go to Boston. Le Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown bring forward a young man, and many pipers of dreams – in particular a strong primitive reservation from the reconstruction of Memphis Grizzlies; It could be unprotected in 2021 – the Celtics are enough to hit any other team for Davis's reasonable offer.

The Celtics could not trade for Davis before the date due to & # 39; and that Kyrie Irving was already on schedule and under the rookie contract extension only once named & # 39; The timing was going to Boston; I believe there was a dream that both Stars were on schedule.

But Davis also suggested that he was open to listening to anyone and the other 29 NBA teams about where he could come to an end, particularly mentioning the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks, where Giannis Antetokunmpo agreed to be scared for opponents.

"It's not important to market (size)," said Davis.

"I just want to win. A big market, a small market, it does not matter. I'm aiming to win at this time in my job. And wherever it is, 39; it could be a big market or a small market, I just want to win it. "

Davis was asked why he would be interested in playing the Knicks, which is on his list long and # 39; as they play a second place at the same time at 11-47.

"It's a big deal," said Davis.

"It's obvious to play at the Garden, its home … but also Milwaukee is on that list too. It does not matter about a big market, a small market; It's about winning me.

"[The Knicks] you have a nice team, but I do not watch teams. … I'm still with the Pelicans. I still represent the Pelicans. I do not want to go out and go to; watch other teams and say, "How can I be here?"

"When that time comes, that time will come. It's my job right now just to finish the final 20-final games in New Orleans and see what & # 39; go out there. "

– –Le AP

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