All the branches are included! A & # 39; The first one hit Flag Flag Ximen Store HYPEBEAST


The first Taiwan-based full-line branch line in Taiwan was officially launched in Taiwan, the American sporting sport, which was sent to the Taipei Street Culture Center – Ximending. , the United States and the multi-party lines in Europe. Subsequently In addition, the resource will add the topic and the constantly constrained output, and its support will be provided to users; Competition more balanced and diverse options. The following is the introduction of the floor:

The first floor is controlled by textiles that are quite textile, with REVERSE WEAVE, ROCHESTER line, and the most popular BASIC, CAMPUS, WOMEN and KIDS series, and space planning for new urban and thematic collections. Area, delivering their most popular daily dress for the people
Take inspiration.

The second floor is largely dependent on American leisure sports and "Urban Training". The SA LIFE, STILE ACTIVITY, SURVEY IN EXPERIENCES AND TRAINING, CPFU is sold.
The series, based on the American style MADE IN USA, offers a different style of style that is; Supporting carers for those who love Champion.

The third floor is built with a comparative room concept. It will sometimes be & # 39; presenting current trends and cultural exhibitions, and it will also be a showcase for the Japanese and American lines.

Readers are interested in trying to take care of the HYPEBEAST administration report, or pay attention to the shifts of attention 8 this week.

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