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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease, which is which affects 20% of the number of children. Sometimes it appears in the form of locks that usually tend to make intense, vulnerable and fattened fumes; grow in shape, and how they grow in record format.

At World's Day at Atopic Dermatitis, the Spanish Society of Clinical Intelligence, Astronomy and Pediatric Asthma (SEICAP), remembered The importance of preventing this from birth to birth in children with genetic production to suffer from adverse diseases. Today, we will give you all the keys to learn more about this disease.

What is atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis, or atopic coerence, a Contaminated skin disease which usually happens more often in children under six years. Its number of events has grown considerably in recent years among well-developed countries, and it is currently estimated that one in three children will be able to; grow this disease.

In most cases, this disease is associated with atopic people; that is, those who were very familiar with suffering from any infectious diseases of any kind.

When does it appear?

It can appear at any age, though it is It is normal to appear to & # 39; the first time in the baby (to five months of life). In some cases, his appearance appears in his youth (about two years).

What are the signs?

Atopic dermatitis
  • In children's level: the child starts to & # 39; developing a lion of seborrhoeic eyes, which is
    gradually it will look like dermatitis. The relatives are located in particular on the front, croft, ears, back of hands and expanding areas on the places. Itching is an ongoing symptom.

  • In the youngest: plants are seen especially in the upper sections (swollen and knee), and include intense thatch, coated with pellets and coasts.

  • Asylum and adult status: the usual plants are the name-called crystalline plaque, which includes drying of the skin as a result of continuous erosion.

Dry skin, sharp skin spots (white pityriasis); in other common signals, which breaks small logs that are; Shampoo and trees, slopes, comic dermatitis (for example, when they are sealed around the mouth), in the diaper area …) …

Children with atopic dermatitis are also susceptible to some of the diseases, especially the herpes simplex virus, which causes mollusc and aggressive belts.

How does this disease affect the day to day?

As a result severe itching that is usually associated with atopic dermatitis, often children are particularly illegal, tough, tough, and even their sleep patterns changed.

As to the older child's condition, it begins to be more aware of the disease's disease; look at the outside world, and here it can affect your self-esteem, in particular, if there is bad skin.

How sad is it in attendance?

The problems are mostly the case fungal diseases, bacteria or viruses, which happens as a result of lighting its & # 39; skin and scratch with long or dirty chill. In these cases, the doctor will conduct antiviral, antibiotic or antifungal cases, as appropriate.

When and how do the signs appear?

It depends on everyone and the environment that is happening. In this way, the signs may appear in a format where there is a specific time (larger or smaller depending on the individual), and cure completely until the next round appears. But there are also people who are, between the error, and # 39; Getting healthy skin problems or even more intense symptoms on an ongoing basis.

What can appear to appear?

Atopic dermatitis

there is environment and vaccine issues that can change the skin barrier and expressing the likelihood of breaking out in genetic people.

Irritating materials, stress, poor nutrition, dusty flies, special heel use, heat panels, synthetic and wool fitting, lack of hygiene, dry environment, excessive sweating … can cause a marked or worse occurrence.

Over the months of cold, many children with atopic dermatitis get much worse, and they will be better in the warm months. Although the other thing could also happen, or even & # 39; He has had his case throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

Is it in infection?

No. It is not an infectional disease, although the relationship between people is very close and towels, cosmetics, clothing …

Is dermatitis cured?

In a & # 39; 60% of children have control over symptoms so long, that they are likely to disappear, and # 39; but in many cases, drying up the skin. However, other patient groups have the ability to show signs of more or less intensity throughout their lives.

How is atopic dermatitis treated?

Atopic dermatitis

The most important thing is to keep going on; Chicken is regularly irrigated, since the drizziness is the worst enemy of atopic dermatitis. Before starting, the doctor will give the following best treatment, which can go through the introduction of daily corticosteroids, oral anthistamines or oral corticosteroids in the most resistant cases.

With regard to daily skin care, the AEP advisers and the AADA (Association of People with Atopic Dermatitis) following these steps:

  • Avoid the things we have mentioned previously, and that can start up
  • Clothing in cotton or clothing and textile cuttings
  • Use acidic PH soaps
  • Choose short sweeping instead of orange, and dry the skin without touching

Can you interfere with its appearance

An 50% of atopic dermatitis cases have been proven during the first year of life, according to data from SEICAP, that is why its central barrier is in a case babies with a genetic cancer strategy.

This will include to & # 39; Using thermal panels to notice the skin, because it is shown that if the skin barrier balance is maintained on the basis of hydration, atopic dermatitis can be avoided.

What is the link between atopic dermatitis and asthma / allergies?

According to data from SEICAP, around half of children with atopic dermatitis will develop asthma or other allergic diseases throughout their lives.

Depending on how poor the dermatitis is, the doctor may recommend cancerous suggestions, because atopic dermatitis is the first appearance on the "abusive march", which is so easy & Individuals need to make surgery, including food.

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