All Vucic campaigns "Future of Serbia" in one shot were disturbing


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Photograph: Zoran Žestić / Tanjug

The "Serbian Future" campaign, in which Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, is visiting the country, promise better tomorrow and promote human self-generation, these themes are the main theme of some of the media that will be; Faster, stronger and better running, the president "as a current world" is eating a beans, and buy apples, or quiet with coffee. However, the texts and emotions of this world can not account for the point of this campaign as well as being able to make one picture.

The photograph, which has been the distribution of the networks for two days is an incredible memory of what type of "future in Serbia" can we do; expectation, was created on Friday in the Radovnica town in Trgovište. Vucic visited this city, known for, years, one of the poorest people in the country, and at that time has a worthy image of artwork:

People who welcome Vucic in the town of Radovnica

Photograph: Zoran Žestić / Tanjug

Photograph of a graffiti ruined house "Vucic Serbian Hero" is finished by the people's presence of the poorest part of the country who is waiting for it; president and is almost no more perfect representation of Serbia today – but also a short time ahead the president has promised. Indeed, this artwork came to viral on Twitter, but immediately a large number of bot appearances were named as photomontage – in detail, the "Vucic Serbian Hero" was not written, but that the face of the against that sub-

Since the same house has pictures with the same words, but from another angle, and that the same images have already been made on closed authority media websites, this theory came rapidly in the water , but it seems to have been at home recently that he did not say "Vučić Serbaidh", which was already covered, the wall of older people's message decoration was something different, but very similar.

"Seselj Serbian Hero"

Yes, on Twitter, a picture of Google Maps appeared from 2014, which clearly indicates that Seselj replaced Vucic on the same wall. If it's not about climbing, but Google cameras have a & # 39; Record this scene really, you can see it here, because that image is still on the official map.

In general, the Radovnica town is now in the face of a new hero, but it is not very clear why this old and new hero is very different. It is not even clear what the future is in Serbia if Seselj and Vucic are the hero.

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