Alonso could be back to spite of & # 39; Fewer & Lesser F1, One Formula News and Highlights


SHANGHAI • Although Fernando Alonso does not close the door when he returns to Formle One in 2020, he thinks the sport has changed for the worst and is no longer the same he fell in love.

The McLaren driver, who is walking away from F1 at the end of the season, says that a racing website at has been discouraged, cited as a "weak presentation ".

"What is happening now is not the Formula 1 that made me want to be a race driver," said the Spaniard.

"Leave me F1 because we talk more about what happens next to the road. We'll talk about polemics and radio messages.

"I can write down the first 15 posts for the product of the next race, and perhaps with some changes to places. It's hard for me to accept it as appropriate Yes. I suppose I'm getting more enjoyable in another race series. "

The 37-year-old man said he was considering having a & # 39; compete in a variety of races over the next two years.

And the F1 double-fold two-hour programmate does not appear to be a shortcut, which is still regarded as many as the fastest drivers in the world, if it is co- race breed elsewhere.

Although he refused to explain the events he was interested, Alonso said he was excited to stay, as well as the trips confirmed in Indianapolis 500 next year by McLaren, and the three remaining races of the World Championship World Cup with Toyota Gazoo Rèisean.

Alonso is also a testament to Nascar's vehicle as part of an advertising event in Bahrain later this month, think he is hoping to compete in the US-based carriages series.

"Another challenge will still be an Indy 500," he said to Xinhua on Saturday before the WEC 6 Hours of Shanghai event. "I feel that I need to repatiate my batteries a little next year, but in 2020, in fact, there may be an opportunity to get a full season in IndyCar, a full season in F1, not full season in another series. "

Because he is committed to having dropped F1 in recent years, Alonso has not been trying to win "Crown Triple" motor sports, an unofficial collection of three of the world's most prestigious racemen.

After winning the Grand Prix Monaco and 24 Hours of Le Mans, he likes to win the Indy 500 to finish the seat, and he said he would be a good place for him. , Indy's last year's competition.

"That knowledge will be important, because I know now about the race and I know the event," he said.

Although Alonso emphasizes his settings, the F1 driver, Sergio Perez, Feeling he was showing the need for the sport and "sick" he was left.

"If we put it on (Alonso) in another car, he would fight for a victory and be a player in the world again. That's our F1 and we lost it. And we're all in the & # 39; this boat, "said the Force of India races.


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