Alonso thinks goodbye in Abu Dhabi with F1, Räikkönen and Ferrari


Feranda Alonsa is waiting for the final Grand Prix F1

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Titles have already been decided, the final race of the Abu Dhabi season is to leave Champula Alonso's Championship at Fernando Alonso. The final prize of Ferrari Ferrari is to Waiting for Kimi Räikkönen, and Red Bull on Yas Marina will leave Daniel Ricciardo.

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Both titles won Mercedes in advance. Lewis Hamilton has been among the drivers in Mexico a month ago, and as the third historian driver in history, he took the fifth part in his career. Two weeks ago in Brazil, the British pilot won the seventh of the last ten races and helped German stables to the fifth Cup Constructors behind him.

In Abu Dhabi, Alonso will be taken into account in particular. The 2005 and 2006 Competition will allow the formula after 17 quarters and move to an American IndyCar series. How Graham Hill's second driver could have a & # 39; gets the name Triple Crown Motors – Grand Prix's impact at Formula 1, a 24 hour impact in the Le Mans and a 500 mile impact in Indianapolis.

Kimi Raikkonen from Ferrari lives on the Grand Prix of Mexico.

Kimi Räikkönen from the Ferrari stables

"I would not have a dream to win as many races in my dream." Looking back to the role of the formula, it was successful, "said Alonso in an interview with ESPN. "I put my ticket on one box and I'm now in need of another," said McLaren, a 30-year-old driver. In the tough stables, he has earned 50 points so far and he has the best result in fifth.

Räikkönen for Ferrari won the 2007 World Championship title. He returned to the Italian stables after leaving a short time from the formula and then in Lotus four years ago. This season, he won one advantage, with the 30-year-old Forest of the Forest who drove behind Sauber.

Ricciardo, with Red Bull, will leave the 150th race in his career. The Australian pilot, which is the head of Renault, is still not running for another stable block in the formula. From 2011 to 2013 he worked in Toro Rosso, who serves Red Bull as a young team.

The final chance of being the youngest winner of the Max Verstappen certificate on Saturday. I would also like to have forgotten the Red Bull pilot, twenty years old, about the race in Brazil, where it had been prepared for a clear impact on the disaster by Esteban Ocon of Force India, and after that Verstappen attacked him in the center.

Milan Valtteri Bottas will take the last attempt to get rid of illegal statistics. The Finnish pilot may have been the first champion of the Championship after five years, and its finishing the season has no advantage. The last trip in 2013 was Red Bull's Mark Webber in the impact of Sebastian Vettel.

Features of walks

Abu Dhabi

Distance: 5,554 km
Duration of the race: 55 laps = 305,355 cil
Number of right convert: 9
Left side number: 12
Major Prize Number: 9
Most of the winners: Sebastian Vettel (German), Lewis Hamilton (Brit.) Both – Mercedes 4
Light Heavy Extreme Lewis Hamilton 3 – Mercedes 4
The fastest step in the race: 2009 – Sebastian Vettel (Germany / Red Bull) 1: 40,279
Fastest round trip: 2017 – Valtteri Bottas (Fin./Mercedes) 1: 36,231
Fastest race: 2010 – Sebastian Vettel (Germany / Red Bull) 1: 34: 03,414
Former racer winner: 2013 – Sebastian Vettel (Germany / Red Bull), 2014 – Lewis Hamilton (Breton / Merced), 2015 – Nico Rosberg (German / Mercedes), 2016 – Lewis Hamilton – Valtteri Bottas.

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