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On the next Monday, the 2019 season begins with its first pilot drivers in Barcelona. Here the Formula 1 comes inside!

Fernando Alonso (37), the Double-time Championship 2005/06, returned to Abu Dhabi in 2018 after 312 games, 32 medals and 97 podium. The Spaniard: «Maybe I'll come back in 2020, because my schedule is almost empty …»

But Alonso has left a lot of black ground in the best teams that can not come back. McLaren is only admitted to his star, even offered to help both conventional Sainz and Norris conductors at the exams, Starts on 18 February in Barcelona!

«The great star for me is Charles Leclerc»

Alonso continues the two advantages of the Le Mans in 2019 with the long-distance team of Toyota and Buemi as well as his. impact on McLaren Chevy in the 500 miles of Indy. And what does it mean for Formula 1 of this season?

"I think Mercedes's headquarters are coming to an end. And my newest grandfather is Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari. He is young, renowned and talented – his character is also a & Responding to a successful role. "Alonso told the" Corriere della Sera. " For Vettel he can see difficult times to & # 39; come.

There will be eight cars available next week

In the coming week, eight teams will put their "new" car (see box). But watch out, often computer graphics (such as Haas on Thursday) or if it's about painting first, is to harass the new financial.

Like to make alcohol, Rich at Haas. Many still believe that everything is like mussels, because the box does not appear in the reverse. Owner William Storey, who founded his company in 2015 by an ex-porn representative at "Motorsport-Total": "We will remove large market shares from Red Bull. Some retailers are bigger than Europe is now bringing Red Bull out of the case. Our results will talk to them! »Well then …

Lauda may not be much longer

NiKi Lauda, ​​70 in 12 days, must re-appeal as a member of the Mercedes board. "The tests are going on in Barcelona and Melbourne's World Cup premium will be coming after the lung re-planning in August and a rebalancing too early," said his friend, Red Bull Advisor, Helmut Marko (75), "the muscles take longer than expected!"

Ferrari's secret advertising?

Australian authorities explore whether the Ferrari centers / cars are being used to encourage Marlboro.

Formula Exhibitions 1 2019

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