Álvaro Espinoza on the Blood Pact: "It gets more and more horrible" | TV and Scenes


After the death of Karina (Antonia Giesen) Covenant of Blood, the Channel 13 Outside Television Series, a new phase in the history of the four friends who played Pablo Macaya, Álvaro Espinoza, Pablo Cerda and Néstor Cantillana.

With a new opening, where some characters can be seen at the time of both friends (Karina and Daniela) as well as finding PDI in an unfamiliar location, this product is promises to animate more fans.

The amount of emotion that is caused is that a lot of its catalogs are desirable to have a & # 39; donated through the numerous Netflix platform, both for its content and audio language, so that the second phase is as attractive as the first?

In this regard, Álvaro Espinoza, the person responsible for translating one of the worst offenders, and giving information about what's wrong; come in Blood Agreement and Benjamin, who already have two deaths behind him.

"The teleserie is getting worse. The writers do not know what they have given or what emotional situation they have, but it gets worse and it is much worse than the we have seen so far … ", he said in an interview with La Fourth.

Is that, after the murder of Karina, that everything can be expected in the photocopy, there is even an improvement that would be; show that the police are starting to start; think that the nausea is near Dr. Road. "There's still much to be seen in that way, the characters have a lot of tweed cut and it's getting more and more awful and I'm thinking it's hard for people to go ".

The psychopath Benjamin

Although there are At first it was listed as one of the cuartet of its most important relatives, Benjamin ended up himself as the darkest and most counted of all, willing to do anything to destroy the image as a good family father.

With regard to the behavior of his character, Espinoza explained that only the roof of the ice heather is seen. "Benjamin is still not on his face"he said. That's right, as you read, the doctor is sore and psychopathic than we were; think.

In terms of the spectacular view he had to record with Antonia Giesen, Alvaro explained that he was a challenge. "In my case, I was making a sense of character, in such a situation, very complex because the delivery of Antonia (Giesen) was complete. A splendid view was made and the biggest effort as an actor was not to enter this emotional tunnel and his / her; maintain the role of the psychopath, but the work is much easier because the throat is awful, things are all right; happening really, "he explained.

Now we have to wait for paper transcripts to enter into their blood pact, which is its own position as a soap opera that is a night and night. give a lot to talk.

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