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Japanese consultants found in their work that women who worked very hard have big bags. And scientific research has also shown that people who carry big bags always have more psychological pressure than those who are experiencing. taking small sacks. Are you carrying a big bag up to & # 39; mountain and sea? Try to relax from the sack of the bag and to live together!

The bags that are very productive girls are always great? Do not let me swallow your youth

The control environment that causes a & # 39; Keeping young people, not just at home, but also the bags that you catch on your body.

We have been used to put business and housework on our shoulders. Open the sack every day, including a mobile phone, notebook computer, leaflet, leisure card, notebook, wedding screen, the jacket, glasses to be repaired, the book -Connecting the child forgot, and the little sack in the big bag, as well as money in the shop, collecting cards, cuffains, and credit cards are different.

A career advisor in Japan, Yokota Yokota, has consulted for more than 2,000 professional women for 12 years, and found that girls who work very hard have big baggage.

Science also strengthens its feelings. Collaboration with the Hong Kong University and the National University of Singapore sought that people who carry large packs or large bags can Emphasize more mentally and more than those who give small sacks. There is a topic heavy conversation too. South Westerly

Further than the worry and the depression, the shortest of the telomere called "cell life clock", which is easy to go older.

Heavy bags allow us to pay the price of your shoulder and neck pain

For example, a massive sack does not cause unnecessary, heavy, squeezing, over time, your shoulder and neck are easy to be slow and sick, mean headache. The handbag looks fantastic, and if her; sack too heavy, it is easy to block the diaphragm or biceps. Office staff often carry baggage bags, and if the bag is too heavy, it is likely to have problems such as a tennis top. "It's a restricted life in small bags, and there are very few things," said Yokota in his book "The Little Bags Teach Me to Be Really Important".

Karen Erickon, a chiropractor of New York, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that they found that women's average payroll was hitting between 1.4 cg and 2.3 kg, but some people emphasized five kilograms. The American Chiropractic Society recommends that the backup pack should be within 10% of the weight and that it should be & # 39; coal box within 5% of the weight.

To limit weight, you can not do things in large bags like you do now, and you need to break it out. (Recommended Reading: Netflix "Ending Spiritual Spirit": Breaking down, leaving something that helps you)

Yokota said we can not go out with what we want to take, so we need to be careful to check what should be put in. With little to go out, you need to review the things you carry with you, and you have to think about what you should do all day long. And this is the same as a review, what I want to do in a limited time of life. A & # 39; verification can be a & # 39; priority and choice of items into the limited range of the leaflet, in which; This process, to establish their own values.

But, once you're going to & # 39; decide to carry a little bit, trying to get the body, how do you do it?

CanCan Magazine offers two essential requirements and three:

Useful one: something that needs to be taken every day.

Need 2: the minimum need to be used.

No: There are more than two things.

Do not have two: to prepare things if you happen.

The three: things that were used.

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Even if you need to take something as big as possible, for example, as well as money, a credit card that is often used in the shop, you do not have to use a special but often used card, you do not need you use the bar as a storage store, other collecting points You can find your cart in an office drawer and will be taken out when needed.

Cosmetic bacteria should also consider what is essential when they make up. Is there a need of so many different colors on its & # 39; potatoes? Carefully select the minimum requirements required. (Recommended reading: Philosophy of small bags: limited life, you can only give you the most important things)

There is another trick for the author "The Broken Down" by Yamashita Hideki. She praised preparing a basket. After I went home every night, I got out the things in the bag and I put them in the basket. I watched the things I carried with me. The material of the handbag was not lost, and could be used quickly. Stationery, without carrying things you did not need.

For example, she used to give her a base every day, and later found that she did not do everything, so the coin was broken out of her bag. Just by small baggage behavior, we will strengthen our ability to distinguish important things, select and find what we need and what we need. From a small sack to finish the use of life, a simple but rich life.

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