Aly Ngouille: "Yen is widely dispersed by ASC status" •


The Interior Minister does not give Tinn tired. Aly Ngouille Ndiaye returned, to attack her Tuesday budget against the chiefs, to go to # 39; issuing permission to the Afghan Chief of Ong, who suspected funding had been suspended to Fadel Barro and Co when they were not entitled.

Interior Minister and Public Security, who spoke ahead of the national representation on the removal of permission to Lead Africa, had picked up the rules on the funding of organizations who had been in the public, including movement Y there to bait. "In 2011, there was no status in which the mobility was moving and was tired. And it was 10 June 2013 that he got the status. Like with all organizations, the move should be to raise money through membership fees and not external funding, by law ", put forward Aly Ngouille Ndiaye. He says: "A G move is similar to that of Asc and other neighboring cultural societies. They are not allowed to fund more than what they offer. This is a code of civil and commercial responsibility what is said. So whoever does anything, you are coming out of the law. And if someone is out of the legal, & # 39 ; as I am here, I will homage to the law. "

"Out of 500 non-governmental organizations in Senegal, there are only 123 proprietary programs under"

And the Minister continues: "There is a nation in Senegal where there are many non-governmental groups, political parties, societies. We have over 19,000 nationally recognized organizations. There are over 301 officially recognized parties We have more than 500 g. And when we made a control, only 123 programs were distributed under control. Everything else has no program. There are more than 60 non- government that does not appear in the directory even. "So we need to put things in order. And as far as I am here, we will order. Whether it's acidic or no, I'm not in care, "he said hard. With regard to Lead Enda, the Minister for Business Support:" It is a foreigner; under the Seine law. So he was the Minister who allowed him. The minister realized that he did not respect his duties, he sent out the authority. They have the right to return by & # 39; including a generous claim. We wait, and we'll see the right time. "The Interior Budget of the Interior was fined at the FCFA sum of 125,189,177,622 in 2019, against 122.785.731.360 FCFA in 2018, an increase of FCFA 2.333.186.262 in total value, and 1.9% in comparative value.

Georges Emmanuel NDIAYE

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