Amanda Bynes talks about her drug estate


She was given her drugs all day and she was caught in a "sad, sad" world: the player Amanda Bynes first talk about her breakdown.

The current starring, Amanda Bynes (32), has been a great success. The old actor made the 2013 journalists with many drugs, strange scenes and strange behaviors. In the same year it was stated that there was an unusual danger and possession of Marijuana after her demolition of her hookah from the 36th floor. When she put a fire to a neighbor in the road, Bynes was put into a mental hospital.

In 2014, a convicted Hollywood prison sentence was sentenced to three years. Her mother was used with her court until 2020 as her carer. Now Amanda Bynes is now talking about that time – and she spent her drugs.

"I started to marijuana smoking when I was 16. Although everyone thought it was the good girl. Since then, I made a marijuana smoking," she says in the "Paper" magazine. "I did not love me and I did not abuse it. I was not a party and I was really sorry … it's not yet." She examined MDMA and Ecstasy and died a cocaine. "I've made cocks three times, but I did not get high," the old actress says white.

She threw a movie because of tablets

In 2007, the old star "Nickelodeon" read about the Adderall tutorial drug, which is used in ADHD and narcolepsy. «The article said that women are taking her to stay thin. I thought I needed that. "She ordered the drug when she went to psychology and gave" symptoms of her; impairment obstruction laboratory disorder ".

In 2010 she had to stop for her pill cost even filming the "Pass Pass" film. "I remember how I would spoil some of the pills and I was scattered. I can not focus on my text and I do not remember # 39 I have nothing, "she says. "The combination of the fact that I did not enjoy it and it was so tall that I could not remember my text", she put out her relationship. "I have to remember myself and have a screw and spinning. I thought my arm was so woody and I ran from the thought I was going to do. ; look awful. "

«It became a dark, sad world for me»

In the same year, Bynes was involved in the comedy "Easy A". This is the beginning of a & # 39; her lower bone: "I can not stand in the movie, I do not like my accomplishment. When I saw it, I was sure I had to stop acting, "said Bynes. In June 2010, she relies on acting. After that, there was "nothing in her life": "I got up and got tall and her stone was hanging all day. I was hanging with heavy people and her & It's a lot of drugs. It became a dark, sad world. "

In the worst times, Bynes was suffering from indirect posts on Twitter. "I'm very embarrassed about what I said. If I can, I turned back. I'm sorry for all I've done and worried, I'm sorry. He drags me. He makes it sick, sad, and that makes me feel terrible, "said Bynes. "Everything that works for all my life is damaged by Twitter."

"As if a foreign possession of my body had taken"

Amanda Bynes has been licensed for almost four years now and is studying at a Fashion & Design Fashion Institute in Los Angeles. "The days when I'm trying drugs are far away. I'm not sorry about it and I will not lose it, because I'm embarrassing today about how I was being affected by & # 39; war, "said Bynes. "When I stopped taking it, I was quite normal again and I realized exactly what I had done – it was like a stranger had to take my body. awkward feeling. »(Kad)

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