Amazing animals 12 are rated in "Fantastic Beasts 2"


Not only does it appear with skill and content, Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes (Grindelwald Crime) Also heartbeaters when the new, strange, strange stranger is amazing, but beautiful. On the way through the secret creatures that have been broadcasting the big screen in a & # 39; this program offline!

1. Australia

Appears in a & # 39; The first Harry Potter movie series called The Maze, Thestral was on your wings and horses. As well as those who have seen or died, this creature is completely visible to the rest.

Australia is fascinating when it comes to understanding human language and is easily covered, so it is often used as a means of transport for witches.

2. Niffler

Niffler is passionate about beautiful and tidy things. After the "Gadaidh" program in New York in the & # 39; previous program, this spectacular beast still goes back in season 2. Fortunately, this small certificate was not as uncomfortable and much more useful.

Amazing animals 12 are rated in wild animals 2 - picture 2.

The re-distribution of this Wand is also a Niffler child very foolish!

3. Bowtruckle

The Bowtruckle is a cranberry branch, hidden, hidden on the back of the page and is a very professional brush. Ann Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes, Newt Scamander's best friend, Pickett, is going to go. go with the witch and his witch help with her to stop Grindelwald's dark conversation.

Mixed 12 organized animals in Fantastic Beasts 2 - Picture 3.

Pickett Newt Scamander's Bowtruckle is.

4. Matagot

Drawing from the French mythology, Matagot is like a black cat without a lichen with big blue eyes. This creature is to protect the Ministry of Magic and invasion only when it starts.

Amazing animals 12 are rated in Fantastic Animals 2 - Picture 4.

When "king" is not simpler, more beautiful.


With similar cats with a colorful cat, a Chinese poison in Zouwu (Sue Ngu) with instant teleportation. Although sometimes it is very aggressive, but, like any cat, this amazing creature likes to do it; play and hide.

Amazingly insected insects 12 are in Fantastic Beasts 2 - Picture 5.

Although he is wild, Zouwu is still happy to be at # 39; playing and gutting.

6. Kelpie

As a result of Scottish mythology, Kelpie is a water horse. It seems that it is made up of lines of seaweed set. Being marked as a dangerous creature, this horse often brings people to deep water and eats them. In wild animals 2, the newts still have a large lake to feed the animal.

Amazing animals 12 are rated in Fantastic Animals 2 - Picture 6.

Seriously, Kelpie is still covered under Newt.

7South Westerly Augurey

Appearing to a red owl, Augurey is a shady bird with a dark green feather with some of the sorrowful faces like a group. He only cried when the water came and so this secret bird is designated to predict the weather at home.

Amazing animals 12 are rated in Fantastic Animals 2 - Picture 7.

Augurey – home weather convener.

8. Firedrake

Small beech problem with long beard, Firedrake often has a mistake for dragon. However, these lizards do not know how to put a fire on a boom, but they will put everything away with spirals coming from the tail.

Amazing animals 12 are rated in Fantastic Animals 2 - Picture 8.

As fire is possible at any time, Firedrake is locked in a cage iron.

9. Leucotta

Leucrota is famous for its appearance similar to a mouth overlooking a & # 39; head. In myth, this mystery creature has the ability to voice human voice.

Amazing insects 12 are shown in wild animals 2 - picture 9.

Leucotus lives in the magic cartoon of the Newt.

10. Kappa

The Japanese alphabet creates Kappa's appearance in the spectacular circles of the Fantastic Beasts with a great look and a full-watered cloth on his head. Despite her & # 39; This wonderful look, this Asian story still welcomes listeners with a gloomy look and tiredness as it is. rest of the week.

Amazing animals 12 are rated in Fantastic Animals 2 - Picture 10.

It was stolen in Japanese rivers and lakes, Kappa is touring across Europe with a magic circus.


The Mooncalf was featured in the previous episode of Fantastic Beasts with a truly innocent vision created with large round eyes on the top of his head. Holding four long legs, soft greasy feathers and round faces as the moon of these beautiful creatures tells of the night of the moon.

Mooncalf is still featured and a & # 39; Continue eating food in "Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald."

12. Boggart

A creator who is familiar with the Harry Potter series, Boggart has the potential to turn his shape into what is needed from people who suffer. Due to frequent changes in the form of fear of victims, many people do not know what the shape of their character is like.

Boggart frightened the Newt.

Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes Presented from 16/11/2018 in theater performances throughout the country.

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