Amazing Browns for the next coach: Condoleezza Rice


If Donald Trump could be president, why can Condoleezza Rice become an NFL coach?

President Browns incorporate the former state secretary under George W. Bush for interviewing to become a major coach, according to an eye-popping ESPN Sunday report.

Rice Rice & # 39; first woman interviewed for headteacher work; There are three female help coaches in the league, but none of them were close to giving the restriction for permission.

Rice is a long-lived Brown ambassador and has already been reported as a candidate who became a NFL commissioner.

Cleveland GM John Dorsey said last week, it was open to hire a woman for the dumping position with her; Hue Jackson case, because Cleveland had waited coaches on this century.

Although it is still impossible, Rice got the job, the Browns could use the door in the door to get involved in the group. Rice, from being a state secretary from 2005-09, has been involved in sport, from being a member of the College Football Playoff Committee to chair the Commission on a regular basis, college basket to try to & # 39; game was cleared.

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