Amazing celebration of Mery del Cerro on the dance floor: "I suffered from abuse at 11"


The designation of Thelma Fardin promotes many women to overcome their fears and be encouraged to report abuse. Without a & # 39; Mery Del Cerro, who got tonight, on Dancing's way, found that she had been abused.

During this time Mery concealed, however, now feeling she had to tell her to her husband (Meme Bouquet): "When the Fardin Theme happened, the next day, we started talking to Meme about the subject … I went to, I sent a message to Meme and told her that I had something to tell her after 9 years of being together, and yesterday, after 22 year, I decided to admit that she had been abusive at age 11. I did not know someone, not my mother, not my mother, they are learning now. "

After his story, the two dancers left, like Flor Peña and Laurita Fernandez, their places to capture Mery, who was just one of the most difficult to make life choices: "I am responsible for talking to all women and all moms on the other side, and although I was a wise girl, he met me."

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