Amazing Father's Fancy Father: a tiger who dies a spade


Singapore completed his match against Timor Leste by " challenged 6-1 challenges in the final round of B AFF Suzuki 2018. In the final, the image has been so large for around 18,500 spectators. Shoot Ikhsan Fandi in the 42th minute. This is the 100th share of the Lion Island team at the Suzuki AFF Cup.

It is more specific, it is considered to be an excellent job when the new 19-year-old curling hook has been popular. In the way the reporters say the "bicycle back" goal is. 25 years ago, the talented Sundramoorthy Singapore (now Laos coach) made the tune surprised by scoring the same score.

Single newspaper called "tiger tiger support death" which praises Father Fandi

Iandhsan is the famous Fandi son of Fandi Ahmad, who is over the Singapore team. "It was good when Singapore won the 100th goal in the AFF Cup after Ikhsan Fandi completed. By himself, he had been a victim in this goal after two dead. Hopefully, Ikhsan Fandi will play more promotional in the future, "Ahmad Fandi coach is proud and happy with the level of his son and son.

In 1996, Fandi Ahmad went to a & # 39; The first climber for Singapore at the AFF Cup. Fifteen years later, these legends celebrated the target, and thanked the 100th goal for the national team of the lion islands in the playground. In front of this incredible image, Singapore's papers used Ikhsan Fandi's name to combine such a "father as a father's son" in English to praise the father of the Mandi. In addition to this goal, the stripper also joined Timor Leste once.

The AFF Cup has Fabulous Singapore lamps

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