Amazing storm: This photograph includes the vibrant environment; in the Uranium ice


Source: gifmania

Once a year, Hubblov telescope features gaseous giants of the solar system to see the outdoor atmosphere. On Thursday, NASA revealed a number of amazing uranus images.

The OPAL program, which externally explores its & # 39; planet, always helps us to understand the mighty warrior Sligo gas. Now it offers an amazing spectacle of the great storm that it has; Buying informally on the Uranus northern pole. This, according to NASA bids, has changed the planet's current stream.

Source: NASA Solar System

You will not miss the storm on the latest picture; it's all around the whole pole cover; ice planet. The unique picture was easy, especially due to the feature that differs from other solar system plans – its 98-degree drama level. During the summer, the North Pole of the planet appears almost directly on its plane; Sun and the Earth gives an incredible view.

Such data and information are very important to scientists

Scientists are hoping that the OPAL program will give them a lot of valuable data and help them to understand the atmosphere and climate planets in the outdoor sun system. Just as the scientist can not predict the weather on Earth from a variety of images, the sciences need a series of images of other plan environment that will be collected for a longer period . So it is more likely that we still see such beautiful eyes.

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