Amazing young: & # 39; The child will return from Ebola in a & # 39; Chongo


They are referred to as a "young miracle". A child who has been introduced to an Ebola medicine center is just six days after birth now recovering from the virus.

Congo's health hearing says that the child is the youngest person who lives in what is currently the moment; Breaking out of the Ebola the second dead.

His ministry at the end of Thursday sent a tweet on a picture of the child, covered and on a small mouth open in a shamrock or circle, surrounded by caretakers; overlooking 24 hours a day for weeks.

The child's mother, who had Ebola, died in a garden of children, his minister said.

The child was removed from the medicine center in Beni Wednesday. "She went home in her father's arms and her father's sister," said his ministry.

Experts have reported that there are high numbers of Ebola children in this episode, and there are 515 cases, which Congo's health minister says, 467 of them, which include 255 probationary deaths.

The living person is named Benedicte. In video video that UNICEF is divided, it is shown in a remote remedy, cradled in the arms of health workers in a defensive gear or surrounded by Ebola's livelihoods, known as " Namely, "who can go away to a special game like masks. Those who are persistent are essential for their interesting presence, he said. a minister of health.

"This is my first child," says her father, Thomas. "I really do not want to lose it. She's my hope." He looks at his daughter through the defensive defensive plastic.

Children are now counting for more than one third of all cases in this disaster, UNICEF said earlier this week. One in 10 of Ebola's cases in a child under 5 years of age, he said, and children who are suffering the hemorrhagic disease are at a greater risk to die the adults.

Although Ebola usually affects adults, because they are more likely to be exposed to the deadly virus, children in some situations know the infection of the disease when they are an adult- care.

The hundreds of unpaid children

Historically, few cases of Ebola have been reported in babies, but experts may believe that excitement or close to parents with diseases can be excited . Ebola is usually spread with corporate slopes.

The World Health Organization has also taken into account that health centers have been identified as a source of the Ebola broadcast in this disaster, with a "special purpose" medication break.

To date, over 400 children have left orphaned or have not been involved in this breakdown because patients can spend weeks at medical treatment centers, UNICEF said. A nursery is open to one medicine center in Beni "to help the youngest children with remote parents" there, he said.

A health expert has said that this Ebola breach, 10th in Chongo, is not like any other person because they are threatening an assault from armed forces and the struggle of healthy people in an unexpected area; previous bankruptcy.

Watching people who suspect Ebola sufferers are experiencing Challenging challenges in suburban areas

The latest WHO assessment, released on Thursday, just wants the "informal" settings.

And now, Congo is holding a presiding election on December 23, with a problem already experiencing; behavior.

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