Amazon is beginning to & # 39; hire for a new machine


AA jumper has started a major prize for a new secret device, in a move that enhances its & # 39; consider company plans to release a robot for home.

Job adverts show that a & # 39; company searching specialists in mechanical engineering and robotic devices as well as software developers to work on "the best class class users' product".

The new project is held hard under tours, and interviewees did not recognize how they work to work on their first day, telling someone who was familiar with his / her. Sunday Telegraph process.

However, the job adverts describe the new product as "lovable" and "essential", and # 39; show that they are supporting reports earlier this year that a small group of Amazon staff had a " Develop robots for home. The company's web site is now in & # 39; Presenting more than 100 openings in Seattle and California for their project, and # 39; recommends that it expands its efforts in the area.

The secretarial process is similar to the way Amazon has worked on staff; Alexa Alexa, vocal supporter of the company, four years ago. Alexa has been one of the most successful Amazon products found across its range of smart speakers, registries and microwave brands itself.

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