Amazon is creating electronic power stations


Here's an interesting idea: it's possible to pick up a bag for probably ten thousand dollars, and send a free launch as a result of NASA's access program. Administration satellite over the entire orbit would require several or hundreds of ground stations, all antennas with equipment and connection to the internet. Getting more cost-ups than to & # 39; construction of satellite.

This is the idea that an Amazon has to be done. They are on the AWS Ground Station, a system designed to reduce data from taxes and other satellites over the entire orbit. Currently, Amazon has only two land stations, but they expect to have their dozen by mid-next year. Each of these ground stations is associated with a special AWS division (there are sixteen of AWS sections, which may limit the orbital broadcast of AWS Ground Station system), and its & # 39; antenna making up, alt alt-az, and a large bank of hosts and hard drives to capture data from the troops that move over.

The Amazon blog post is finding out how easy it is to capture data from satellite, and it's so easy to use. get NORAD ID, log in to your AWS account, and & # 39; click on a few buttons.

It should be said that this is the same idea behind SatNOGS, an open global network of satellite land stations and the winner of the Hackaday 2014 Award. One of the ground stations is the top of the image at the bottom of the article if the article here. At present, SatNOGS has over sixty state stations in the network, including a few stations that are in useful locations such as the Canary Islands. The SatNOGS network already has a lot of conversation than most of its eleven centers where Amazon's databases – have been made possible through open nature. Joining the SatNOGS team again for doing so usefully, and making it four years before Amazon was made.

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