Amazon is seeking new influences to pay up to 28,500 pesos • Forbes México


The giant has an electronic company that is a multimillionaire management, Jeff Bezos, in which he has a program that he pays for its membership committees to monitor the articles sold on the platform.

This impact program has been running for two years, and allows people to extract part of the sales piece that created YouTube links on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The income can vary from two to two to 1,500 per month, about 28,587 pesos. Commission fees vary between 10% for everything in the fashion line that belongs to the Amazon private brand to 1% for video games and consulates.

5 meters to inform Instagram's imaginative influences

This campaign is open to the public as long as they are members of the platform and that YouTube is active, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

According to the Amazon website, although the number of fans and other meters is important get involved In the social networks of the user who wants to participate in the program, it is important to have the content of the content that it is; publishing and the relevance of its publications for platform clients ",

If you are interested in signing up for your program, here you have to do:

  1. You need an Amazon account.
  2. You need to be an active user on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.
  3. To sign up, you need to connect your social networks to Amazon.
  4. Your accounts and the content you post will be checked: Twitter and YouTube accounts will be checked directly, Facebook and Instagram may take up to 5 days to suit them.
  5. After confirming your account, you must complete your contact information and name your "source".
  6. You will find your own resource, where you can stimulate and sell what you want, and recommend you lists of materials.
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