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Amazon, the world's largest online trader, said on Thursday that he was planning to build a plan in New York, said the Wall Street Journal.

In November 2018, its company published its intention to build new plants in two towns. They were to be built in the New York area of ​​Long Island City and the urban area of ​​Crystal City in Arlington County, North Virginia.

Amazon then said that more than 25,000 staff work in each of the headquarters, with investments totaling $ 5 billion.

The construction of buildings in New York made state and city contributions of around $ 3 billion. This has been unhappy among local lawyers who opposed the grant of one of the most expensive companies in the world.

After much reflection, we decided to leave his plan to build a headquarters in City Island (Queens), the Amazon press release said. For Amazon, this commitment must have positive relationships, in relation to regional and regional authorities that support the long-term company.

"Accordingly, according to a survey of 70% of New Yorkers who support our plans and investments, a number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they are face our presence and we will not work with us to establish the kind of relationship needed to promote a project, "the company identified.

Amazon does not expect to go again for a new city research.

The Amazon headquarters are now in Seattle, where the online trader is the largest employer. His staff is 45,000.

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